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Anyone who has ever lived on a lower level apartment knows the struggle of noisy upstairs neighbors.

I’ve lived in several different apartments, and with the exception of one, I was always on the bottom floor–and I would swear that I have lived below herds of elephants. (Were they dropping bricks up there?? Sure sounded like it!)

The worst one was when I lived in Brunswick, Georgia. The neighborhood was beautiful, and I loved the area…but it constantly sounded like the people above me were walking across the floor with cinderblocks on their feet!

It was SO annoying that I’d get my broom and tap on the ceiling–but THIS would have been a much better solution:

I never actually met any of my upstairs neighbors, but here are some of the things that I imagine were going on up there:

Any of these are very logical possibilities, based on the level of noise coming from upstairs.

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