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Mueller Report, high speed chase, and the loss of a Paine College student

Austin was giving  his take on the release of the redacted Mueller report when all of a sudden a high speed chase happened that involved a friend of the show. Plus, Austin sends his condolences to the family of the Paine College student that lost their life and stern message to those who may have…

Resignations and the loss of CSRA children

It's the day after the resignations of McKenzie and Jackson and Austin talks about what's next for city government. Austin updates you on what  the family of Melquan Robinson are doing legally after his tragic death, and Austin speaks on the tragic death of Jazea Pollard. 

Coco, Raoul, and Deana Martin

Austin had lots of guests on the show today. From Coco Rubio talking about this year's James Brown Birthday Bash at the Miller Theater, to his good buddy Raoul stopping by to talk about the legislative meetings, and then the big shocker...Dean Martin's daughter Deana and her husband stopped by to say hi! Take a…