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Austin’s Daily Commentary – February 13, 2024

Austin talks about comments made by Dean Obeidallah in reference to Donald Trump. [audio mp3=""][/audio] Transcription: AUSTIN: It was in September of 2023 that an MSNBC columnist and left wing radio talk show host named Dean Obeidallah said that Donald Trump must, quote, die in prison to set an example for the public after being charged in four different cases. No doubt, ladies and gentlemen, he said it only. Obeidallah was discussing media coverage of the two presidential candidates at the time, and he made his comments as clear and as plain as day. So do not call President Trump or his supporters extremist or alarmist when they say that, Navalny's example in Russia is a great inspiration for the left wingers in this country who want to see Donald Trump dead rather than, you know, continue his either free run for president or God forbid, he'd be elected president. Now, folks, what does this make America if this type of conversation is tolerated? No better than the extremists that defend Putin's reign in Russia. And those people are extreme, no doubt about it. Navalny was a Russian dissident. He was put in prison for his views and he died there. We have left wingers in this country calling for the same action against Donald Trump. Now, when Trump and his supporters say that that is actually the case, they're being called alarmist, extremists, and fabricators. Nothing in the world is further from the truth. Talk to the average Trump supporter like me. And we'll tell you in a heartbeat. We believe, almost overwhelmingly, all of these ridiculous charges against Trump were trumped up, no pun intended, simply for the purpose of doing away with his presidential campaign. People ran for office on the promise they were going to lock Trump up and stop him from ever being president again, and be doggoned if they haven't done exactly that. Prosecutors, Atlanta prosecutors in in New York, they campaign on the promise we will end his political career. And they're doing their damnedest to try that. So when we compare Trump to Navalny, and we're doing it for a very good reason, because the two of them have a hell of a lot in common. And that's the comment, I'm Austin Rhodes, AM 580/95.1 FM News Talk WGAC. For more from The Austin Rhodes Show, click here.

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