Austin’s Daily Commentary – October 2, 2023

Austin will be out today, with Phil Kent filling in. [audio mp3="https://wgac.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/39/2023/10/adc-10022023.mp3"][/audio] Transcript: Austin: There's a lot to talk about as far as politics goes in Atlanta these days. And there is no one more qualified to discuss it with you than Phil Kent, longtime Augusta Chronicle editor, editorial page editor. And obviously he has been for the last oh, Lord, what, ten, 15 years, 20 years, something like that. One of the chief pundits for the Georgia gang out of Atlanta, Phil has brought incredible insight to the program for many years, and he remains one of our favorite guest hosts. So, again, Phil will be in this afternoon from three until six while I jet home from my incredibly disappointing trip to Houston. Football wise. Nice city, got to see and do some cool things while I was here. But unfortunately my team, oh stink-a-roo. Of those of you out there who are Georgia fans and you're worried about your team. Yeah, I can. I can tell you a few things. In the meantime, look forward to this afternoon. Phil Kent, longtime editorial page editor of the Augusta Chronicle, will be filling in for me. He'll have some great guest, as he always does. Tune him in today from three until six, and I'll be back tomorrow for the regularly scheduled Austin Rhodes show at 3:00. See you then. For more from The Austin Rhodes Show, click here.

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