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Austin talks about the anniversary of 9/11.


Austin: 22 years ago this morning, four airplanes were hijacked by terrorists with the intention of bringing enormous loss and enormous grief to this country. Unfortunately, three of those four flights succeeded in hitting their targets and the deaths, well, we know all too well the aftermath of those three crashes.

I choose to remember on this day and emphasize more the victory that we had Flight 93, the one that went down over Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Those passengers and crew were given 42 minutes of a head start on what was going on, that the other three airplane passenger groups did not have a flight delay early on, gave them the opportunity once, unfortunately, the trouble had started to understand that their plane had been hijacked by the same group of people.

They were looking to turn their passenger plane into a weapon of mass destruction. They simply weren’t having it. They got together and made the decision, We will bring this plane down in a wooded area. We will not let ourselves and this airplane be a weapon of mass destruction against our fellow citizens. And that’s exactly what happened. I will never, ever lose my sense of awe and amazement, sense of pure admiration for those passengers and crew that did the ultimate made the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow man on 9/11. That’s what I choose to remember always.

God bless them and God bless the people who still mourn their family and friends. And that’s the comment I’m Austin Rhodes AM 580/95.1 FM News Talk WGAC.

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