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Austin talks about the investigator from Richmond County.


Austin: [00:00:00] Friday evening on a lonely road in Lincoln County. Brian Mannakee,  an investigator with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Department, took his own life. That would have come out of the blue for you unless you were listening to the Austin Rhodes show Thursday or Friday. And then you probably would be bright enough to know exactly who that was and why he did take his own life.

Mannakee was implicated in a pedophile investigation involving the use of pictures, clothed, pictures. Don’t get me wrong here. Of his coworkers, former coworkers own children. I know this is kind of hard to follow, but listen carefully. Mannakee was using pictures of former coworkers, children. That’s right. Fellow law enforcement officers on a pro pedophile Web site because the pictures were clothed and not unclothed, his own coworkers at the Richmond County Sheriff’s Department dragged their feet on how they were going to handle this man and his investigation.

He went around for a week with a badge and a gun, knowing that he was being looked at for alleged pedophilia. And yet nothing officially was done to him. And by the way, when he went missing Thursday, because someone on the radio was talking about his case and no one in the Richmond County Sheriff’s Department bothered to notify any other law enforcement agencies that they had a rogue cop out there with a badge and a gun who could be dangerous not only to himself but to other people.

Again, Mannakee killed himself Friday. Folks, this case has been so mishandled from the very beginning, I can’t even begin to describe it to you. But again, if you were listening to the radio Thursday or Friday, you got a head start on understanding exactly what was going on. This afternoon, we’ll have the parents of the children that were targeted in this case and people who knew Brian Mannakee and who are not surprised that he did what he did. Unbelievable.

And Richmond County could have put an end to all this over a week ago, could have taken him into custody at the very least taking this gun and badge away from him. They didn’t. And he’s dead today because of it. Some say that’s a good thing. Tune in this afternoon. And that’s the comment, I’m Austin Rhodes, AM 580/95.1 FM News Talk WGAC. [00:00:00][0.0]

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