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Austin talks about illegal guns and efforts to put an end to it.


Austin Rhodes: [00:00:01] More than 40 Georgia governors led by the mayor of Atlanta, have petitioned the governor and state legislators for better gun policy in the efforts to reduce the epidemic of deaths attributed to illegal guns. And often the very young criminals that choose to use them.

Inexplicably, Augusta Mayor Garnet Johnson was not approached to support that written petition, and it seems he agrees with it more than he doesn’t. To the credit of those pushing the issue, we don’t see the typical unconstitutional demands made by most Democrats when they addressed the topic of gun control. Mayor Johnson spent a few minutes discussing the issue with me on Friday’s Austin Rhodes Show. There’s a clip of that interview on the Austin Rhodes Show page on Facebook. Go check it out.

The bottom line, though, is that it’s refreshing to see that there are some intelligent questions being asked and some intelligent answers being sought and not just a knee jerk. Let’s ban guns or let’s eliminate certain classes of guns. The mayors assembled on that petition seem to understand that the governor and the state legislature do appreciate the Second Amendment and are really looking for commonsense reforms and commonsense approaches to how gun violence can be reduced.

Number one on my priority list, vast and overwhelmingly draconian punishment for illegal gun possession. Let’s make sure that everyone in the state of Georgia knows that if you’re a criminal with a gun in your hand, if you’re a young person with an illegal gun, you’re going to be punished to the absolute limits of the law every single time. Let’s make Georgia the one state in the union that you do not want to be caught with, with an illegal gun. And that’s the comment, I’m Austin Rhodes, AM 580/95.1 FM News Talk WGAC. [00:00:01][0.0]

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