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World Radio Day is February 13th! On this day we celebrate the invention and use of the radio for its important influence across the world. At a global level, radio broadcasting is the most widely reached platform. It is used to provide information, educate people, and promote freedom of expression across many cultures!


Mary Liz Nolan – News Director

I was fascinated with radio growing up and always had one on wherever I went. I started an internship my freshman year in college at a hometown radio station in Indiana. There was no turning back! I loved being a disc jockey! I then switched to news a few years into my career. I will soon have 40 years in the radio business! February 12th is my 25th anniversary with WGAC!

My best story about WGAC is that I was asked to fill-in on the morning show for two weeks back in February of 1995. I had a two-week old infant, but said I would help out until they found somebody else. They never looked for anyone else and I’m still here! It’s been a long 2 weeks….and now my daughter is 25!

I love being “live and local.” That’s what makes us so special to the community. People depend on us to bring them the information they need to have and that’s what we do.

I am blessed to love what I do, and I’m so fortunate to meet so many amazing people including the talent group I work with everyday!