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So the folks at WalletHub have issued a report, a survey if you will, of the most and least stressed cities in the nation. It’s based on the criteria of work stress, financial stress, family stress and stress related to health and safety. With that THE MOST STRESSFUL city in the country is Cleveland, Ohio.  Detroit is second, Gulfport, Mississippi is third. But, look, Augusta is on the list at 11th.

Here’s how it breaks out:

For work stress, we’re 60th in the nation. For financial stress, we’re 19th in the nation. On family stress, we’re 55th. But, when it comes to stressing over health and safety, we’re 4th.

Looking at some of the cities around us, Atlanta is 42nd on the list.  Columbia is 46th. Charlotte, North Carolina is 120th (further down the list is better in this case). Charleston, South Carolina is 153rd.

Top five cities with the least stress:

First on the list is Freemont, California. South Burlington, Vermont is 2nd, Madison, Wisconsin is 3rd, Overland Park, Kansas is 4th and Fargo, North Dakota is 5th.

A couple of other tidbits from the WalletHub list…

Reno, Nevada has the lowest job security score, Orlando, Florida the highest. El Paso, Texas has the highest percentage of adults in fair or poor health.  Sioux Falls, South Dakota, had the lowest. Detroit has the highest poverty level, Pearl City, Hawaii, the lowest. Highest crime rate, a tie.  Springfield, Missouri and Birmingham, Alabama. Port St. Lucie, Florida has the lowest crime rate.

When all is said and done, and the results are tallied up, best advice I can think of… It’s nothing to STRESS over!