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A high school football player died over the weekend in Georgia after suffering an injury during a game on Friday evening.

According to WSBTV, Dylan Thomas, 16, was injured during a hit at some point during the game, however, his injury was not immediately apparent.

Rather, the defensive tackle continued playing until he felt ill.

At that time, he went to sit on the bench and complained of tingling in his arm and leg.

Soon after, the teen passed out on the Pike County varsity football team’s bench and was rushed to the hospital.

Doctors say Thomas suffered severe head trauma as a result of the impact from the hit.

He was listed in critical condition and was taken to the operating room to try to reduce the fluid in his brain.

Sadly, the teen succumbed to his injuries on Sunday.

Please keep Thomas’s friends, family, and teammates in your thoughts and prayers.

Nick Burgess

Things are not looking good at all. I can't even describe the pain I am feeling. we will know the outcome in 12 hours. Dylan Thomas is in very critical condition we will not know anything for another...

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