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Who Doesn’t Give Their Dog A Christmas Gift?

So, we did a story on the morning show about who does and who doesn’t do dog Christmas gifts. According to the website,, happily, 89% of dog owners are going to buy their dog a gift this year.  37% of the 1000 dog owners surveyed said they plan on buying two gifts for their dog.  26% will buy three. About a quarter of the folks that will get their dog a gift plan on spending $25-$50.  Another quarter of the folks plan on spending more than $100. About a third of the folks will spend more than they did last year. Dog Christmas Gifts Top gift choices; toys and treats.  About a quarter of the folks plan on getting accessories, collars, tags, hats and boots.  We’ll get to that in a moment.  Another quarter of folks plan on getting their dog a new bed. Let’s step back a moment and talk about getting your dog, or cat, for that matter, hats, boots, clothes.  Stop!  They don’t want clothes.  It’s the equivalent of getting some one underwear.  You might think they need it, and they just might, but they don’t want it.  They want something they can enjoy.  And so does your dog or cat.  THEY DON’T WANT CLOTHES! Get them a toy, a few toys, whatever you can do. We will get our two cats treats and some food.  Jonesy, our oldest here, loves Costco chicken. Hobbes, loves it, but it doesn’t love him.  Because of that, we’ve had to tread lightly with the Costco chicken, but this Christmas Jonesy is going to get some, we just can’t let Hobbes know. Happy Holidays! [select-am am_id="130192" syndication_name="top-rated-pet-toys"]

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