Is it just me or have the birds been chirping a little louder? Here’s to another week of gardening tips for National Gardening Month.

When having a garden, it is common to add accessories like garden stones, garden flags, or bird feeders.

Thinking about doing some bird feeding? Perfect timing because early spring is one of the best times to feed birds. This is when they need the most energy and natural seed sources are depleted.

Where to start

We’ve got your basics here on the best feeders, where to hang them, and seed vs nectar selection.

When it comes to the best kind of bird feeders, many like to position different types throughout their garden or yard. Birds will often look for feeders near greenery. The different kinds of bird feeders are ground, tube, hooper, suet, and a thistle feeder. Now which birds you attract depends on what you have in those bird feeders.

For game birds and blue birds, try cracked corn. This is a favorite amongst ground-feeding birds.

Sunflower seeds are one of most birds’ favorites, especially black oil sunflower seeds. This seed can attract cardinals, nuthatches, inches, and more.

White proso millet seeds will attract doves and quail. This seed is high in protein nutrients.

To attract more birds, try combing the black oil sunflower seeds with the white proso millet seed.

Another popular food for birds is nectar. Leave the nectar to the main nectar drinker, hummingbirds. They also are fans of sugar water.

It is important that you are not feeding any birds bread or crackers. Natural foods is what will give them the most nutrients and keep them healthy.

Now that you have the basics, check out these local nurseries  to see which exact bird feeders you want to add in your yard.

Don’t forget to check back for more gardening tips all month for the month of April!

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