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Dogs And Donuts – A Sweet Pairing To Raise Money For Rescue

Coming up on Saturday, a local rescue is hosting Dogs and Donuts, a fundraising event to help them cover medical costs for the many animals that have been left abandoned. This fun event will pair dogs, donuts, coffee, and more. There is a small admission fee, but I have a feeling it's well worth it! Dogs And Donuts Dogs And Donuts is Saturday, March 2nd from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at The Pawsh Place. The address is 313 UN Court in Grovetown. It's no secret that I am a huge animal lover. I have a huge heart for animals. And if I could rescue every single dog that needed it, I would. I've always said if I win the lottery, I'd build a house on a huge piece of property, fence it in, and rescue dogs. And probably even have a heated and cooled barn for every one to sleep in! But I would have to actually play the lottery for that to ever happen. Anyway, I definitely plan on attending this sweet event to help some friends! Dog And Cat Networking Agents - A Local Rescue Dog and Cat Networking Agents is a local rescue that I have known for many years. I've made some great friends that have the biggest hearts for animals through this rescue. Currently, DNA (Dog Networking Agents, as I originally knew them) is the only rescue assisting the Augusta Animal Shelter.  And unfortunately, there seems to be no slowing down when it comes to animals being brought in or abandoned. There are actually a lot of cases that come in that need a lot of medical attention. That's where Dog and Cat Networking Agents tries to help, as they take in all of Augusta Animal Shelter's court and cruelty animals. But, if you've ever owned a pet, you know that veterinary bills can get expensive.  As a nonprofit, Dog and Cat Networking Agents depend on donations from the community. And according to Hayley Zielinski of DNA, donations for the rescue are at all time low. That's why Dogs and Donuts was scheduled. It will be an adoption event in addition to a fundraising event. There is a $10 fee, and they will also have a sale on dog and cat items to help raise funds. Their goal by Saturday is to raise at least $4,000.  This money will be used to cover the costs of some of the major medical bills from recent cases. Medical Cases With Puppies One of those cases involves a pair of puppies that Animal Control recently found abandoned at a hotel. One of the puppies has an injury to his eye, which is infected.  Without surgery to remove what's left of his eye, the pup won't make it.

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