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CULVER CITY, CA - APRIL 17: A general view on the set of the "Jeopardy!" Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational Tournament Show Taping on April 17, 2010 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

It’s not unusual to watch shows like ‘Jeopardy!’ and be surprised by some of the responses the contestants give.  Honestly, I wouldn’t want to put myself up there for such public embarrassment!  I think nerves would get the best of me, and I’d mess up for sure. Well, one ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant may never live this one down.

Last Night’s ‘Jeopardy!’ Confusion

On last’s show (June 13, 2022), Mazin Omer was playing a great game.  But one answer in the first round led to quite the buzz on Twitter!

The category was “Knight After Knight.”  For the $400 clue, an image of Michael Caine appeared on screen. ‘Jeopardy!’ host, Mayim Bialik read the clue: “To honor his father, this star here was knighted in his birth name, Sir Maurice Micklewhite.”

Omer’s response? “Who is Mick Jagger?” As a result, social media went wild!

See some of the Twitter reactions below.

Omer was able to finish the game in second place, with a $2,000 prize. While his slip up is funny, he’s actually a brilliant guy! He’s a biology student who shared some interesting research he’s been doing on Alzheimer’s disease.  He’s trying to help find a cause, and how to prevent it.

Mistaken Identity

Have you ever mistaken one celebrity for another?  There are some who are strangely similar in some ways, for sure.  Although, in this case, Mick Jagger and Michael Caine? Definitely don’t see the similarity there!

Common celebrity confusions?

  • Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry
  • Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood
  • Helen Hunt and Jodie Foster
  • Tobey Maguire and Topher Grace
  • Dakota Fanning and Amanda Seyfried

To see more celebrities who are commonly mistaken for each other, click here! Certainly in some of these cases, maybe it would be an honor to be confused with another celebrity.  In other cases, maybe not so much.

Here are some of the funniest Tweets that resulted from Omer’s answer on ‘Jeopardy!’

  • Not Disappointed!

  • Not Ready For That

  • Laughing So Hard

  • Can't Be Serious

  • Might Be Tickled?

  • Respect

  • Laugh or Cry?

  • Held Up Better

  • Never Have I Ever

  • Disturbing

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