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Candy Mac And Cheese Coming Just In Time For Halloween

Candy Mac and cheese is now a thing, and it's here just in time for Halloween this year. For so many years we've been going with the standard Halloween candy. You know Reese's cups, Twix, Kit-Kats, all of the tried and true favorites. However, if you really want to spice things up this year, drop these in those trick-or-treat bags. According to Chewboom, the folks over at Kraft Heinz have a gummy version of their classic Mac and cheese coming out. They didn't stop there, however, they're also releasing gummy Oscar Mayer hot dogs and Claussen pickles. Imagine the look on your kid's face when you put a gummy pickle in their Halloween treat bag! I'm sure they'll be thrilled, or slightly confused. I know what you're probably thinking, do these gummies actually taste like hot dogs, pickles and Mac and cheese? Thankfully no. They're just shaped like hot dogs, pickles and Mac and cheese. I'm sure your next question is, where can I find these awesome gummy candies? Don't worry, I've got that info for you as well. Of course, you can get them all on Amazon. Walmart also has boxes of just the Mac and cheese. And from what I'm seeing there will be variety packs with all three, the hot dogs, the pickles and the Mac and cheese available at Target, Walgreens, Family Dollar and Dollar General. So again, if you want to step outside the box with your Halloween trick or treat candy this year, I'm just saying these are an option. Here's what they will look like. To check out the full article on the candy Mac and cheese from Chewboom, just click here. For more articles, lists, photo galleries and videos from The Kicks Wake Up Krew, click here. Need some more candy content for today? Check this out! [select-listicle listicle_id="288556" syndication_name="best-halloween-candy-based-on-your-zodiac-sign" description="yes"]

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