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I lived in Springfield, Missouri for 7 years. About 25 miles away is Marshfield. It’s a pleasant little town with a population of about 6,500 people. They have hosted President Harry S. Truman and President George H.W. Bush, have the oldest continuous Independence Day Celebration west of the Mississippi, and celebrate Astronomer Edwin P Hubble, who attended elementary school in Marshfield.

Now now they are making news for a war……a SIGN war. The local Chamber of Commerce took notice and started posting updates on social media. The next thing you know, over 1 million people have gotten a glimpse of what started out as the local McDonald’s and Dairy Queen poking fun at each other. A few other businesses jumped in on the fun, even a local farmer!

Since then, the sign war has gotten noticed on The Today Show and People Magazine. Check out some of the pictures below that started the fun.

Image credits: Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce