It’s been a big week for DC Comics since they held the DC FanDome event last weekend. It’s been an even bigger week for superhero video games. If you’re a fan of the Suicide Squad it’s probably the best week of the year. DC FanDome released a trailer for both James Gunn’s upcoming movie and a brand new game centered around Task Force X.

Superman vs. Suicide Squad
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Kill the Justice League

There isn’t a lot of specifics known about the game just yet, but the biggest detail is the subtitle of the game. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is exactly what it sounds like. The Justice League has somehow been turned evil and it’s up to the Suicide Squad to take them down. That story-line is actually a recent one from the Rebirth Era of DC Comics. In the first major crossover event for Suicide Squad back in 2017 readers saw the two teams facing off. Maxwell Lord got his hands on an artifact called the Heart of Darkness which transforms him into super villain Eclipso. This allows him to instantly take control of whoever he wants to bring ‘peace’ to America.

Whose In The Suicide Squad

We have the what, so whose the who? The Suicide Squad has had a long roster over the years and for this game, there are four major characters for the player to control. Deadshot, the world’s deadliest assassin. Harley Queen, the clown princess of crime. Captain Boomerang, former military, part of the Flash’s rogues gallery and boomerang enthusiast. And finally, King Shark. He’s a shark.

The game will be open-world and set in the city of Metropolis where the Suicide Squad will have to traverse the city and take on missions. It’s unknown exactly what the gameplay will involve, but each of the heroes (villains?) will play differently and allow for upgrades through the game. It will also suppose 1-4 cooperative player, but if you’re playing solo you can switch between all four squadmates.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Screenshot
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

When Can We Play?

As far as a first look goes, it’s a lot to be excited about. However, the release date is quite a ways off with a target of 2022. Expect a lot more tease and reveals between then and now, including what other heroes we might get to face off against. Plus, if we’re lucky, they’ll add more Suicide Squad Alumni to the cast as well.

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