Today (June 8) is National Best Friends Day.  Throughout life, maybe you’ve had one best friend, or maybe you’ve had a few at various stages in your life.  Either way, today is a day to celebrate those people who have played an important role in our lives.  We’ve also seen some of the most beautiful friendships on screen too. Below we have 9 TV best friends that we love… but of course, there are tons of other great on-screen pairings that we’ve laughed and cried with throughout the years.

  • Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang - Grey's Anatomy

    The bond between Meredith and Cristina on Grey’s Anatomy is legendary.  They started off a bit unsure of each other as surgical interns in a very competitive arena. But after dealing with so many ups and downs both professionally and personally, the two bonded in a way that we will always remember and love.

  • Cory and Shawn - Boy Meets World

    Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter may have come from very different backgrounds, but their friendship is one for the books. Boy Meets World shows the evolution of their friendship throughout the years. Even though they are quite opposite, the bond the two formed was one that couldn’t be easily be broken.  They went through so many ups and downs throughout their friendship.

  • D.J. And Kimmy - Full House

    D.J. Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler’s friendship on Full House (and Fuller House) is another unforgettable one.  While Kimmy seemed to annoy the rest of the Tanner family, D.J. formed a lifelong friendship with her.  Their friendship is a balance between someone who lives a little on the edge and someone who prefers structure and order.  Kimmy brings out a more fun side of D.J. but there were many times D.J. had to utilize her leadership skills to reign Kimmy in.

  • Lucy and Ethel - I Love Lucy

    I Love Lucy is an iconic TV sitcom.  It’s full of funny situations and heartfelt moments. And from those moments you see the beautiful friendhsip between Lucy and Ethel.  The two were notorious for cooking up schemes but also supporting each other when they were in trouble.  They were “friendship goals.”

  • Friends

    The cast of Friends shows a variety of friendships.  You’ve got the friendship with Rachel and Monica, Ross and Chandler, Joey and Chandler, and more.  Each relationship had various dynamics.  With Rachel and Monica, you see a loyal friendship where Monica supports Rachel and helps her find her independence.  Ross and Chandler have also been friends since high school and their friendship is both sarcastic and supportive.

    Then there’s Chandler and Joey.  They have a friendship that seems more like two brothers.  They might have a lot of misunderstandings and mishaps, but their friendship withstood the test of time.  They are supportive of each other, and even when fights arise, they always sort it out.

  • The Golden Girls

    Another friend group: The Golden Girls.  They weren’t related, but the four of them had a friendship that made them family.  They might have fought quite a bit, but they also supported each other through the ups and downs of life.  And like many friendships, they also knew how to get under each other’s skin!

  • Lily and Robin - How I Met Your Mother

    The friendship between Lily and Robin on How I Met Your Mother  is unique because they meet a little later in life (almost in their 30s). For adult women, it can be tough to make new friends.  Lily and Robin form such a great friendship that we can all appreciate.  From helping with relationship issues, to hyping each other up and supporting each other, Lily and Robin’s friendship is one you can’t help but love.  Like all friendships, they have their arguments and disagreements, but those moments only make them stronger.

  • Ted Lasso and Coach Beard

    This is a fairly new friendship we’ve seen on-screen, but it’s definitely one we’ll remember!  Ted Lasso is a show that highlights a variety of relationships and friendships, but we can’t help but love the friendship between Ted and Coach Beard. The two can be quite opposite, but they balance each other out.  They don’t always agree, but they have each other’s backs in a way that we love to see between friends. It’s a relationship built on ups and downs, compassion, concern, and love.

  • New Girl

    New Girl is another show that features multiple friendship dynamic.  You’ve got Nick and Schmidt, Jess and CeCe, Nick and Jess, Schmidt and Winston and more.

    Nick and Schmidt became friends in college. Schmidt is always going out of his way for Nick which shows just how much he loves him.  Jess and CeCe have been friends since childhood and grew up together.  They support each other through thick and thin, even when they don’t always see eye-to-eye.

    Nick and Jess have an interesting friendship as they originally start out not liking either other.  They are completely different but their friendship grows and eventually they even date. Schmidt and Winston are friends who definitely butt heads quite a bit, but they do have some special moments where you can tell the two love each other like brothers.

    Altogether, the four main characters form a friendship that is unique, funny, and heartwarming.

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