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If your daily commute to and from work brings you down Bettis Academy Road, you will want to know about this!

At Exit 11 off I-20, those of us who drive it daily know how crazy it can be. We’ve seen a lot of new growth going on including a new convenience store called Quick Trip, QT for Short

Right there where the QT is going, there is a new traffic light and it’s now working. It’s right there where the QT is being built, Bojangles and King Machine.

This light is going to make traffic move better in that area, so if it’s been awhile sense you’ve been over to exit 11, get ready!

  • The New Light Is Working Now


  • It's On!

    This Is The New Working Light!


  • This New Light Is Going To Help Traffic Flow For Sure

    The New Light Is Right Where King Machine,


  • BoJangles



  • And The New Quick Trip Meet!

    And The New Quick Trip Meet!


  • Another View

    This Is The View Coming Out Of King Machine & Bojangles!


  • The Street Name

    Where the Quick Trip and Bettis Academy meet, It Has A New Name.  The Quick Trip Is going to be on “Slate Blue Bend”  I Think Other Growth Is Coming To “Slate Blue Bend” Also!