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I am on the hunt for the Best Burgers in the Augusta Area! A good hamburger or cheeseburger is always one of my favorite meals. Of course, it all begins with the meat, but the bun, toppings and some extras make a good burger a great burger.  Everyone loves them! Even health conscious Tim McGraw loves a good burger.

As many of you know, I grew up in the restaurant business. My parents owned a few restaurants and burgers were our biggest sellers and that’s still the case today at many places. One of Georgia’s best hamburger joints is actually a gas station in Dunwoody. It’s NFA Burger  and I may have to try this one soon.

But this is all about local. The Best Burgers In The Augusta Area.

Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order. Have you tried all of these?

Now, I want to know your favorite burger locally.

  • French Market Grille West

    This Cajun burger is always a great go-to for a tasty lunch!

    Cajun Burger

  • Edgefield Pool Room

    Definitely worth a drive to Edgefield. One of my favorite places for sure. Great burgers (and hot dogs!)

    Edgefield Pool Room

  • SnoCap in North Augusta

    You can taste the freshness! This burger is always on my list of the best. Plus a great atmosphere, too.


  • Farmhaus Augusta


    Farmhaus. Always a great burger here!


  • Rhinehart's Oyster Bar

    Known for their seafood and super relaxed atmosphere, but their burger is off the chain!


  • Grumpy's Sports Bar

    Chili always makes a burger better. You won’t leave here grumpy!

    Grumpy's Sports Pub

  • T-Bonz Steakhouse

    We know they have “the best steaks known to man”, but their burgers are awesome, too!