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Nightclub Bans People From Looking At One Another

Welcome to Club 77 in Sydney, Australia.  New rule, individuals are banned from staring at each other without the prior consent of the person being stared at. The website for the club says that is now considered "harassment" to stare at someone without their consent and that law enforcement may be called if patrons engage in that behavior. Here's the quote from the club "Club 77 is not the place to come if your sole purpose is to "pick up".  If you come in and are approaching multiple people or giving unwanted attention to someone, you are going to attract the attention of our security, who have been instructed to stop this kind of behavior". The website also states that a designated "Safety Officer" wearing a PINK VEST will be tasked with handling complaints and concerns related to the new policy and "offending individuals" will be removed from the club. If you want to read more about this, just click here.