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Poor Things – A Review

I had heard of “Poor Things” long before I knew anything about it.  I knew Emma Stone was in it.  But that was about it.  I guess, it was during the Academy Award nomination speculation that I began for the first time to actually see some of the movie.  I have to admit, it was visually stunning.  And I have to admit, it was the look of the movie that got me interested. It was only at that point that I began to learn more about the plot.  I characterized it, from what I’d read as a takeoff on the Frankenstein story.  Learning that she had the body of a woman and the brain of a child. While on the air one morning, mentioning that I was interested in seeing the movie, my morning show partner mentioned that her adult daughter had seen it, liked it, but mentioned that there was a lot of nudity.  OK. So, here’s how I decided to watch the movie, at the dermatologist’s office, sitting through a 3 hour long procedure.  Learning the hard way, I took my air buds so as not to infringe on anyone else with the audio. Off I went.  Right from the start, it was, as I had seen, visually stunning.  The world in the movie is a created one, with some realistic overtones, but it is a colorful, vibrant, created world. I won’t get into any of the story so as not to ruin it for you should you decide to watch it.  Here’s what I will say.  It is NOT for everyone.  Some might find it very disturbing, the subject matter, the nudity, graphic sex scenes, the topic in general.  It is one of the most beautifully bizarre stories you will ever see on screen.  Emma Stone’s brave, bold and commanding performance was Oscar worthy.  Her Best Actress award was deserved.  As visually opulent as it is, I don’t want to overlook the writing.  I found the script wonderful.  All of the actors, especially Mark Ruffalo, also nominated, are on mark.  It is the Frankenstein story, updated to 2024 with all that entails.  With, at the end, a story of redemption. To conclude, not knowing anything about your sensibilities, I’m unsure if I can recommend it.  If you’re ok with nudity, graphic sex, a wonderful script, a lot of blood, and stunning visuals, then by all means, enjoy.  If you’re watching to see award-winning performances, then just be prepared for something very different. "Poor Things" is available on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV.

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