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One thing I learned about coffee, there are a lot of places to get it here in the C-S-R-A.  I didn’t know they made as many different types of coffee as they do.  The question is, who has the Best Coffee In Augusta?  I have the top 6 places coming up as voted on by you.

I’m not a big coffee drinker.  I do love the smell of coffee more than I like to drink it.  I think we all know people who drink as much coffee or more than we drink water or soda.  We have a coffee machine here at work, nothing fancy, nothing crazy. It makes black coffee and you can add creamer or sugar to the coffee.  that’s about all you can do to the coffee here at work.  Let me tell you, that machine is brewing all day.

Coffee Shops With Votes That Didn’t Make The List

I would have to have done a top 100 to get all the coffee shops voted for in this poll, but here are a few that didn’t make the list.

  • Starbucks
  • Christie’s Coffee Company
  • Buona Caffe Artisan Roasted Coffee
  • Goat Kick Coffee Company
  • Ubora Coffee Roasters
  • Metro Coffee House
  • 7 Brew Coffee

I did learn some fun facts about coffee today.  Coffee is a fruit.  I had no idea.   Bees love coffee and are the main pollinators of coffee plants.  Coffee helps boost creativity.  People who drink coffee are likely to live longer.  Americans drink about 400 million cups of coffee a day and around 146 billion cups a year.  Coffee is an 80 Billion dollar-a-year industry.  It’s the second most consumed beverage behind water.

So while 60-year-old and older people drink the most coffee, the second most coffee is consumed by people between 18 and 24 years of age.  So if this is making you want to get up and get a cup of coffee or head to a coffee shop to do it, let’s count them down and find out who has the best coffee in Augusta.

  • #6-Rooted Coffee House

    Located at 3116-1 William Few Parkway In Evans.  Great coffee and great food.  From Pulled Pork sandwiches to breakfast sandwiches, you’ll find it all at Rooted Coffee House.

  • #5-Trellis Coffee Bar

    A favorite amongst our voters, Trellis Coffee Bar is located at 1902 Walton Way.  Whatever your coffee fix is, add a muffin or a Bostock and your day is off to a great start!

  • #4-Stone Roastery

    The only coffee shop in Aiken County to make the list came in strong.  Why having a great cup to go is so tasty, you can get Stone Roastery Coffee to go and make it at home or at work.

  • #3-Harlem Java House

    211 North Lousiville Street Street is where you the Harlem Java House.  Offering a variety of coffees and tea’s, you’ll love the Harlem Java House.  The menu also offers muffins, Home made Java Tarts (Home made Pop Tart), and sandwhiches 

  • #2-Dunkin'

    Now we knew Dunkin’ would be high on the list and we were right.  America runs on Dunkin’, Ask them.  You can find a Dunkin’ on just about every corner of any city you go to.  So we can see why Dunkin’ ranks high

  • #1-Waffle House

    This one should not surprise any one.  Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a fresh pot of coffee always brewing, Waffle House is your place to go for coffee.  If you want coffee, then that’s what you get at Waffle House.  No fancy latte’s or ice brewed coffee,  just good ol’ plain coffee.

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