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For a while, it seemed hard seltzers were mostly a summer drink and an alternative to beer or hard liquor. Now, you’ll find a wide variety of hard seltzers in any grocery or convenience store anytime. And it doesn’t look like our love for hard seltzers is going to dwindle any time soon… So let’s take a look at the most popular hard seltzer flavors!

Hard Seltzer Popularity

Over the past few years, hard seltzers have seen a huge rise in popularity. It seems every alcohol brand has tried to come up with its own.  While it’s great to have options, it’s actually hard to choose these days with such a wide variety to choose from. There definitely seem to be way more hard seltzer options than even beer these days. So what are the most popular hard seltzer flavors? Sure, you could go about doing your own research– but who has the time or money for that?  And that strong of a liver? That’s why we depend on YouGovAmerica.

YouGov hosts a variety of surveys to gather market research and opinion through online polls and surveys. And they took the time to give us the most popular hard seltzer flavors to help you out!

Most Popular Hard Seltzer Flavor Poll

These poll results are from Q4 2023, so from October through December.  As quickly as flavors come out, if you have a favorite that recently dropped, it may not be on this list! You will see some that you probably expected, and then there are some new ones we’d never heard of. And while we’re at it, most of these are listed by specific flavors, which helps make your decision in the store even easier! (Who knew there could be SO many flavor combinations?)

We’re going to give you the top 10… but if you want to see the rest of the list (all 64 most popular hard seltzer flavors), you can click here!

Ok, without further ado…

Here are the top 10 most popular hard seltzer flavors, according to survey results from YouGov!

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