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It’s time to meet the 2024 Masters Gnome.   After his official appurtenance at the Augusta National Golf Club on Friday, everyone’s now golf ready.  You know that each year the Masters gnomes become hard and harder to get but at the same time the more popular they get.

When Did The Masters Gnome Make It’s Debut?

As we get ready to meet the 2024 Masters Gnome, What year did he first show up on the scene?   The year was 2016 when the gnome made his very first appearance at The Masters and ever since, it’s the talk of the tournament.  You would think all the years people were wondering would Tiger play this year, the food, or what new items are in the pro shop would be the biggest attraction.  Nope, it’s the gnome.

At pretty much anytime early in the week, you will see many sites like this one.  These bags are full of shopping for loved ones for birthdays, Christmas and other special days, but know that in a lot of these bags are those treasured gnomes that everyone is looking for.


To say all of Augusta and the golf world is buzzing about the 2024 Masters Gnome would be an understatement.  One of the greatest things that happened during the covid year and playing The Masters in the fall, it game them a chance to come with a Christmas gnome.  That to me was the coolest one made yet.

The 2024 Masters Gnome is Home With You, What Now?

These gnomes are so valuable and limited that there becomes a little bit of a demand on them.  They don’t make a lot of them, so the want is there.  You can do some searching online and find these gnomes on the after market for up to $500.00 and higher.  Yes, you read that correct, up to $500.00 or higher.  I’m sure that’s not going to help the supply and demand issue is it?

If you have any of the collection or even all of the collection hang on to them.  With all Masters limited edition items they only go up in value, and  maybe one day could pay for your kids college education.

So, if you see the 2024 Masters Gnome, can ya pick me one up?  Now, let’s meet The 2024 Masters Gnome and see his grand entrance to the ground of the Augusta National Golf Club.

  • His Official Arrival To The Augusta National Golf Club


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  • The Official Gnome Line Up

    As you can see the Masters Gnome line up is growing.  The original gnome from 2016 has some really good company to keep.  So while shopping at the course this year, keep your eye open for the 2024 Masters Gnome.  It would look good with your collection.

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