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So for just a minute, suspend all reality.  You came to the earth today as old are you and you have to find that one Must Try Fast Food fast food, what will it be?  I took a poll inside our Beasley Media Group building and have the answers coming up.

At this time in our history, we have some of the most amazing fast food ever.  Plus, it gets better and better all the time.  I mean, just look at how they are putting pumpkin spice into everything from coffee to the trash bags we use in our homes.

The Craziest Fast Food Items In The Past 10 Years

In 2021-KFC Doughnut Zinger Burger – A fried chicken breast between two doughnuts

Pizza Hut in 2019 offered The Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza-Cheez It’s In the crust

Sonic Pickle Juice Slush in 2018.  We’ll just leave that one right there

In 2016, Burger King had Mac n’ Cheetos.  Mac N Cheese deep fried in Cheetos

Pizza Hut in 2015 had the  Hot Dog Bites Pizza.  The crust was a pig in a blanket

What would happen if they let me make food items to try on a fast food menu?  I think I could do this for a living.  Think about the fast food you like and when you’ve had a few too many to drink you add something crazy.  Like me, I like to mix my ketchup and honey mustard together a dipping sauce.  I liked it when Hardee’s offered the Froot Loop doughnuts.

The first item I would come with would be, A chicken finger dog.  Take a hot dog bun. Add a chicken finger.  then add your favorite sauce.  Me, it would be honey mustard, then add cheese and melt the cheese over the chicken finger in the bun.  It’s got to have a better name, but I’ve done this at home.

How about this for a dessert?  Deep-fried smores?  Deep fried anything to be honest.

So now it’s your first day on earth and you have to eat this one meal, here comes the top 5.

  • #5-Pepperioni Pizza From Domino's

    Now keep in mind. You’ve never had food before. Pizza would have to be on the list. Start easy, pepperoni. Its a go to when it comes to pizza, oh and we must have the Ranch

  • #4-McDonalds. The Big Mac

    Now I think its safe to say that we’ve all a Big Mac and I’m not shocked it came up high on the list.  This is a burger classic for sure.

  • #3-Taco Bell-Crunch Supreme Wrap

    I will say, this is one of the few items from Taco Bell that I’ve not tried.  It will move up on the list very fast..

  • #2-The Dairy Queen Blizzard

    Now this one I was shocked that It didn’t make number 1.  The Dairy Queen Blizzard is like the best food, meal, dessert or food group ever.  You have so many options.

  • #1-The Chicken Sandwich From Chick Fil A

    This one, it just kind of stands to reason that it would be number one.  Doesn’t everyone love Chick Fil A?  If it were my first meal on earth, I could agree with it being a Chick-Fil-A Sandwich being my first meal.

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