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Marlene of Yoga on the Move Berlin warms up prior online stream session in her home on March 25, 2020 in Berlin, Germany.

Working out is hard to do. Factor in being sore from previous workouts, and it makes skipping your routine too enticing. There are ways to push through that soreness through workouts that stretch those tight, sore muscles all while getting active. Below, we have suggestions that make it easier to overcome feeling sore.

  • Full Body Yoga Stretch

    My go-to stretch video for sore muscles and flexibility, Sarah Beth’s 20-minute-long video is perfectly calming and soothing as you smooth out those tight muscles from the inside.

    20 minute Full Body Yoga Stretch | Slow Stretch Yoga for Flexibility & Sore Muscles

    Use this 20 minute full body yoga stretch to deeply stretch your shoulders, hips & hamstrings with these slow yoga stretches for flexibility & sore muscles. ...

  • Post-Workout Tips

    Slowly foam rolling post-workout and incorporating active recovery cooldowns post-workouts are just some of the suggestions proven to enhance muscle repair.

    How to Relieve Muscle Soreness and Recover FAST (4 Science-Based Tips)

    Muscle soreness (also known as delayed onset muscle soreness or "DOMS") is something we can all relate to. The sore legs and various other sore muscles we ex...

  • Active Recovery Workout - Intermediate Level

    During an intense workout, lactic acid is produced and builds up in your muscles, causing pain and soreness. The below video demonstrates how to effectively get a light workout in on your rest days while incorporating stretches.


    During an intense workout, lactic acid is produced and builds up in your muscles. This is what causes pain and soreness in the muscles afterward (known as DO...

  • Active Recovery Workout - Beginner/Intermediate Level

    This 20 minute full body active recovery workout is slow paced, with a preview of what to expect before the exercise begins. The man and woman show different modification on how to complete the workout and stretches to show the many ways to tailor it to you.

    20 Minute Full Body Active Recovery Workout [No Equipment]

    Tap in with us for a 20 minute full body active recovery workout when you're experiencing stiffness/soreness or just want to keep the body active between tra...

  • Active Recovery Workout - Beginner Level

    Fitness instructor Amy shows us gentle recovery movement, mobility and flexibility in an easy to follow, 22-minute workout. She’s great with encouraging you to only do what is comfortable and to not push yourself too much.

    22 Minute Active Recovery Cardio & Stretch Workout to Restore, Reset and Recharge (No Equipment)

    Join me for this 22 active recovery cardio and stretch session. You don't need any equipment for this workout - just a little space to move. There are optio...

  • Cold and Heat Therapy

    This “5 Ways To Reduce Muscle Soreness (INSTANTLY)” goes more in depth about the benefits of using cold and heat therapy. Ice baths and cold showers can help reduce inflammation, while going to a sauna, steam room or jacuzzi session a day or two after your workout can help loosen up tight muscles.

    5 Ways To Reduce Muscle Soreness (INSTANTLY)

    These are the top 5 muscle soreness recovery tips & remedies to fix sore muscles after a workout. If you're used to feeling sore legs after doing squats or n...