It wasn’t too long ago that we posted a question on our Facebook page asking about the greatest TV theme songs.  And it seems you all had your opinions on the best! The songs ranged from classic TV shows to some of the more modern shows (like Friends).

We decided to compile the data and bring you the Top 10 Greatest TV Theme Songs, according to you, our listeners! Obviously there are so many great options to choose from, but we took what you said and put it in a list!

Take a look below and and see if your favorite made the it!  IMDb has a list of their own… with 100 TV theme songs.  Some of your favorites are on that list too!

  • 10. MASH

  • 9. Andy Griffith

  • 8. Miami Vice

  • 7. Friends

  • 6. Beverly Hillbillies

  • 5. Gilligan's Island

  • 4. The Jeffersons

  • 3. Cheers

  • 2. WKRP in Cincinnati

  • 1. The Greatest American Hero