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Masters Tournament 2023: Complete Coverage

Augusta is a great town for foodies, and Masters week brings hungry people in from all over the world. Washington Road is the busiest road during tournament week and this is about the Best Restaurants Less Than Five Miles From The Masters.

You have the normal fast food places, like McDonalds, Taco Bell and more, but you also have some great local restaurants that are so Augusta. All of them will be fully staffed and ready for the thousands of patrons who have planned all year to spend a few days at Augusta National Golf Club, one of the prettiest places in the world.

Of course, you have to have lunch while at the tournament, because the food is incredible and unbelievably low priced. I always grab a pimento cheese with a cold beer and maybe an egg salad with a Masters cookie…all for less than $10, by the way. It seems the food just tastes better while you’re on the course.

In my opinion, it’s truly a living in the moment experience. Especially on tournament days when you have to leave your phone in your vehicle. The calls and texts can wait. You’re at Augusta National Golf Club!

But, after a day on the course, you’ll want to experience Augusta and all of the great places to eat. Here are the Best Restaurants Less Than Five Miles From The Masters.