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First We Feast is an online magazine that focuses on food culture.  They also have a YouTube channel where they’ve produced a variety of shows. Of the shows, perhaps their most popular is “Hot Ones.” This show features the host, Sean Evans, with celebrities eating hot wings as they’re being interviewed. And as the interview heats up, so does the hot sauce.

What Is First We Feast?

According to their Facebook page, First We Feast is “bridging the gap between food, drinks & pop culture.” Their website features various articles on those topics, along with recipes, games, hot sauces, and merchandise. And it also highlights their YouTube shows, primarily their most recent episodes of “Hot Ones.”

First We Feast – YouTube Channel

The First We Feast YouTube channel was originally created on February 28, 2014. As of this writing, the page has 13.2 million subscribers, 1,487 videos, and over 3.5 billion views.

In addition to “Hot Ones,” some of First We Feast’s other shows include:

  • “Snacked” – This show has celebrities talking about their favorite snacks.
  • “The Burger Show” – This one is hosted by chef Alvian Cailan and “explores modern burger culture.”
  • “Pizza Wars” – This is a weekly pizza-themed competition with host Nicole Russell going head-to-head with respected chefs and Internet personalities.
  • “Heat Eaters” – For this show, chef Esther Choi takes on an ultimate spicy food adventure and eats a variety of the world’s spiciest cuisines.
  • “Tacos Con Todo” – This is a search for the best tacos in Southern California, and with a stand-up comedian who interviews other comedians.
  • “Burger Scholar Sessions” – This is a master class with “burger scholar” George Motz. It features regional burger styles and teaches essential burger techniques and history.

Hot Ones On YouTube – Celebrities Eating Hot Wings

Of all of their shows, “Hot Ones” seems to get the most notoriety. In each episode, Sean Evans interviews some of the hottest celebrities.  And as he’s interviewing them, they’re eating chicken wings with hot sauce. But the best part is watching as the hot sauces get hotter and seeing the celebrity’s reaction. Some you can see their eyes watering. And others struggle to even form sentences.

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Check Out These 5 Hottest Bites With Celebrities Eating Hot Wings On “Hot Ones”

  • Jennifer Lawrence

    While the full episodes are around 20 minutes, here’s the highlight reel of actress Jennifer Lawrence. Her hopes are high in the beginning, but you can see her start to crumble as the sauce gets hotter. Her eyes look a bit watery before she finally bursts into a sob. Panic sets in and nothing she does seems to help ease the heat. Perhaps the best part is her asking if anyone else has acted this way.  You can’t help but love it! She was definitely a trooper through it though!

  • Jamie Dornan

    Actor Jamie Dornan doesn’t seem too excited in the beginning. But he tries to fake it. He starts out answering the questions just fine. Eventually, he acknowledges that he can’t even pretend it’s a normal interview. When asked about a recipe, he says he doesn’t care and never wants to eat again. Then he even tells the host he never wants to see him again. This definitely seems like it would be a tough challenge to stay on topic when the burn sets in!

  • Melissa McCarthy

    You just have to love Melissa McCarthy. She’s a funny woman in general. But her reactions on “Hot Ones” are epic! Even from the beginning, she seems to feel the heat. As the heat progresses, you can see the panic setting in. She reaches for the milk in a glass at one point. They even have milk in a spray bottle she uses at one point. And then you see her cooling her lips on a glass of ice water, and squirting whipped cream in her mouth. By the end, you can tell she’s not having a good time.

  • Anna Kendrick

    Actress Anna Kendrick is absolutely adorable. And so is her experience on “Hot Ones.” Early on she seems skeptical, then thinks she’s enjoying it. But soon, her eyes get big and she asks, “WHY?!” Her eyes become red and watery throughout the process and she asks Sean what’s wrong with him. She tried to recover toward the end, but you can tell she’s struggling.

  • Kevin Hart

    Kevin Hart is a funny guy. And it’s not surprising that there were some bleeps in this video. He starts off strong, chowing down on the wings. By the 4th wing, he starts to feel the heat. It gets so hot he loses the sunglasses.  And at one point jokes about it being so hot he can’t even hear. Then he talks about feeling numb. And by the 9th wing, he’s really second-guessing his decisions. By the end, he admits, “Somethin’ ain’t right!”

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