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We lived in the Charleston, SC area for 10 years. One thing is for sure, the food NEVER disappoints. Noting against chains, but I love local spots for several reasons. The menu changes, and my money is supporting families.

  • Leon's Poultry & Oyster Shop (Downtown)

    I didn’t discover Leon’s until a few years ago, but the food and atmosphere are the best! Get the 2 piece white meat with black-eyed pea salad and hush puppies as a side. Thank me later.

    Leon's Oyster Shop - Fried Chicken & Oysters in Charleston, South CC

    We do fried chicken, oysters, kick ass salads, cheap beer, soft serve, rosé on tap, frozen G&T's, tons of grower champagne, and decent cocktails - all in an old garage. Takeout orders are available 7 days a week from 11am to 5pm. All takeout orders are based on our ability to accommodate.


  • Nigel's Good Food (North Charleston)

    The BEST fried porkchop I’ve ever had. (Sorry mom). The fixins’ are stellar. Baked macaroni & cheese, okra soup, lima beans, rice and gravy, and their Kool-Aid….YES KOOL-AID!

    Nigel's Good Food

    Just what your soul needs


  • Early Bird Diner (West Ashley)

    The wait is worth is for breakfast or brunch.  My favorite for breakfast is a dish called The Mess. It’s only a few minutes from downtown and the beach.

    Early Bird Diner

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