Dave & Buster’s – Beasley Augusta’s Afternoon Fun

On Wednesday afternoon, Beasley Augusta had a fun afternoon out!  And a big thanks to the sales team for making that happen.  They hit their goals, and that meant we all got to reap the benefits of their hard work.  So we got to party at Dave & Buster's! We got the party started with some Jell-O Shots (thanks, Dub)! Then we enjoyed some delicious food before hitting the arcade floor.  It seems everyone had their favorite games.  For Dub, he dominated on the axe throwing -- which you can see from his high scores (see the photos).  The racing game was another popular one for the whole team! We work hard... so we can play hard!  It was a fun afternoon laughing and competing against each other.  Tee definitely saw my competitive side come out a bit, especially when it came to the basketball game! So thankful for the whole team, because without them, we wouldn't be able to do what we do every day! Beasley Augusta's Afternoon at Dave & Buster's [gallery ids="119435,119438,119441,119444,119447,119450,119453,119456,119459,119462,119465,119468,"]

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