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American Idol Run Ends for Bamberg, SC Native Warren Peay

The American Idol run has ended for Bamberg, South Carolina native Warren Peay, as he was eliminated from the reality singing competition Sunday night. Peay had made it to the Top 8 for this season, with his incredible country crooning style. Peay - an appliance repair technician and worship leader back home - got tripped up with his version of an Alanis Morissette song, "All I Really Want," in the competition. "Warren takes some of the revelations from today, and he creates this range for himself, there's no holds barred for him," Morissette said on the show. While impressing guest judge and mentor Morissette with his version of the song, it wasn't enough to move through, as three contestants were eliminated. During his mentor session with the rock music legend, Peay stressed he was focusing on stage presence this week, and would perform without his guitar. "I thought you really, really shined without the guitar man," the other guest judge, Ed Sheeran said. "I'm someone who always has a guitar and uses it as a barrier between me and the audience. ... I thought you really shined." He also performed a duet with another contestant, We Ani, of Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud," that was well received. Oliver Steele and Haven Madison were the other two Idol contestants eliminated this week, as they are now down to the Top 5. Here's a look at the performances from Warren Peay, and some images of his run on American Idol.

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