Local Funeral Home Director Shoots Girlfriend, Then Kills Himself: A local funeral home director is dead, reportedly of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Richmond County authorities say 62-year-old Tommy King Jr. allegedly shot his girlfriend…


Which States Are The Best Tippers

When it comes to tipping, how do you do? In the second quarter of the year, quick-service restaurants saw an average tip of 16.9% and full service restaurants saw an average of 19.6%. In person diners dished out an average tip of 19.7%, while those getting delivery or takeout tipped an average of 14.3%. The most generous state when it comes to tipping, Indiana with an average tip of 21%.  West Virginia was second 20.8% with Ohio, Delaware and Kentucky tipping at 20.7% Which states are the LEAST generous when it comes to tipping?  California leads that list, giving an average of 17.5%.  Other "least generous" states, Washington, 18.3%, Florida and New York at 18.5%, Hawaii, Texas and Nevada at 18.8%. I have tried over the last few years, especially after the pandemic to leave at least 25%.  Staffing is stuff, workers are working hard and of course, that low wage, before tips. I seem to find that if you've at one time worked a job serving food, you get it.  And you tend to leave a little more, and good on you for doing it.