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Men are NOT as healthy as they think they are.  That’s the latest from a new survey about men’s health from the Cleveland Clinic.

81% of American men think they’re leading a heathy lifestyle.  Here’s the catch, almost half of those 81%, 44% do NOT go for a yearly physical.  44% do NOT take care of their mental health.

More info, a little more than half, 51% say they follow a healthy diet, and yet, 27% admit to lying around and watching TV for more than five hours a day. 83% of the men in the survey admit to experiencing stress in the past six months.

How do we get men to take care of themselves? Iit appears sex might be the answer.  37% of the men in the survey said they have experienced issues related to sexual health, however, only two in five of the men sought help.

Other findings from the survey

Fathers are more likely to think they’re living a healthy lifestyle…87% than non-parents 80%.

Men spend an average of 2.3 hours each day going through social media.

54% of American men are NOT satisfied with their current weight, and 50% declare that they are actively working on achieving a goal.

Only about havlf of the men surveyed have been screened for common cancers, including prostate, colon, skin, testicular and bladder.

It’s why it’s important to get regular screening and checkups.

About half the men (56%) realize that drinking might affect their sexual health, and surprisingly, even fewer (43%) are aware of what smoking can do to their sexual health.

What do they think affects their sexual health? Well, 68% say stress.  65% say age and 61% say weight.

This was an online survey of 1000 American males 18 and older.  It was conducted the first two weeks of June.

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