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Austin talks about politics and behaviors of government officials.


Austin: I’ve often made the statement that we are all neighbors in our CSRA community, that there is no doubt that there are political lines that separate us as far as our voting goes and zip codes and things of that nature. But when it comes right down to it, we are Augustans you live in the greater CSRA – Columbia County, Lincoln County, McDuffie County, Burke County. We’re Augustans for the most part. We live in the metro Augusta area.

If you don’t think the politics and the screwed up behaviors of government officials in other jurisdictions can affect you, think again. And a great example is what happened in the last couple of days with that mess involving Brian Mannakee the out of control investigator of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Department. He runs around with a badge and a gun in a manic state of depression and basically acting like the cornered animal that he was an accused pedophile on the run with a badge and a gun because of the inept leadership of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Department. Everybody he came into contact with was at risk.

We know for a fact that he drove through at least four different jurisdictions, including McCormick County, Lincoln County and Columbia County, before he ended up at the spot where he took his own life. And folks, I don’t mind telling you, every single person that he came into contact with was at risk for being harmed or injured. Very, very serious business. If the sheriff of Richmond County and his people that run his department aren’t bright enough to understand what a mess they had on their hands. Well, we’re all in trouble.

Richard Roundtree and the people that run his department are horrible individuals and they need to be replaced. They need to be removed from positions of power and authority and law enforcement in this community. They are a cancer and they need to go quickly. And that’s the comment I’m Austin Rhodes, AM 580/95.1 FM, News Talk WGAC.

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