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Austin talks about football season.


AUSTIN: [00:00:00] Even though high school football and college football have been around for several weeks, their schedules started back up. The football season doesn’t really start in my house until my team, the Steelers, start playing their official schedule and they didn’t start playing Sunday, even though they were scheduled against the San Francisco 49 as they had a horrible game.

Two of our favorite players, big stars, go out with injuries. No excuses, man. They just were awful from top to bottom. Folks, I know how you feel. Half of your teams out there lost, certainly mind did. But you know, the team nature of the sport and the way that resilience really matters over the long haul of a season is one of the reasons that we’re hooked on this game that we love so much.

The drama in New York last night, my goodness gracious. Aaron Rodgers goes out in his first series as a jet. You figured at that point Buffalo was just going to walk away with the game. They did not. They had one of the most dramatic finishes I’ve seen in quite some time, a punt return in overtime for a touchdown. Unbelievable finish. And you should have seen that run again.

The unpredictable nature of pro football in so many ways is what’s kept me a fan all these many years. I will say this. It can be very discouraging for a casual fan. That’s why you have to stay with it. My son is learned a lot of life lessons in his playing days as a Pop Warner player. Now is a very young freshman playing on the Greenbrier football team. Talk about drama there. What are we up to now? 17 losses in a row. Holy cow. Why do you keep playing? Because you know, there’s hope for next week.

There’s always next week. And if there’s not next week, there’s always next year. You got to love this sport. And Lord knows we do. Keep it coming. Hope everybody stays healthy next week. My goodness, wouldn’t that be a nice change? And that’s the comment, I’m Austin Rhodes, AM 580/95.1 FM News Talk WGAC. [00:01:33][93.1]

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