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Austin talks about local restaurants.


Austin: [00:00:00] Like the rest of you, I was loving the conversation between John and Mary Liz this morning concerning local restaurants and ones that are no longer with us. The ones that seem to stick around do very, very well over the years.

And I got to tell you, while menu selection certainly is a prime factor in whether or not a restaurant catches on with people, to me sticking around, usually that’s that’s about follow through. That’s about doing the job every single day consistently and bring in your best efforts on a daily basis. I mean, boy, how many restaurants start off good? Well, Steak n Shake is a great example. Huge, huge explosion ten, 12 years ago when it opened up and it petered off the success and the popularity of the restaurant because food quality declined and also the service declined.

Now, the franchisees will tell you in a heartbeat they were frustrated to no end because they were getting less and less quality from their food distributor, from the main office, from the Steak N Shake, Steak N Shake Central, but also that we’re having a hard time getting good staff to stick around.

Folks, look at the franchises that have the best reputations and continue to do well. Chick-fil-A, locally owned and operated restaurants, The Frog Little Hospitality group, Luigi’s, Sconyers. What’s it based on? Great service and consistent delivery every single time.

I’m telling you, there’s so many of those great restaurants are wonderful concepts that started off strong but petered off for one reason or another. And usually it’s about food quality and service, and that will kill you every single time. Fats Cafe, the food went downhill, the service went downhill. Boom, They’re gone. Too much competition out there. If you can’t bring and maintain excellent service, you’re done. That’s the key to success. Works every time. And it’ll kill you every time if you don’t have it. And that’s the comment, I’m Austin Rhodes, am 580/95.1 FM News Talk WGAC. [00:00:00][0.0]

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