What makes a successful person? There are a lot of characteristics that contribute to that. But what about their names? Some parents may be looking to give their child a name that may increase their chances of success.

The team at Allsorter, a resume formatting company analyzed 1000 of the world’s largest companies and found that of the 1000 companies, only 64 (6.4%) of the company CEOs were women. Meanwhile, 936 (93.6%) were male. Originally, they were aiming to find the most common names for CEOs. But when they compiled a list of the most “common” names with the intention of finding the most “successful” names, they realized only six female names appeared more than once.

What name tops the list of most successful names?

In the list of names that were analyzed, Sarah managed to snag a spot not just once, but three times. Barbara, Jennifer, Laura, and Anna also made a solid showing with two appearances each.

Now, when it comes to the men, David stole the spotlight by appearing a whopping 34 times. Michael wasn’t too far behind with 32 appearances, followed by John and Robert with 24 each. The name James had 22 appearances, while Richard rounded out the list with 18 appearances.

What are some of the other most successful names? Take a look at the full list here.

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