Georgia man eats in shower to make a living. Let that headline sink in for a second, and now check out the full story. According to an article from The New York Post, a Georgia man who calls himself Gazpacho Machine, gets paid to eat food in his shower! Welcome to 2023 folks!

According to the New York Post article, Gaz came across this odd venture when looking for ways to get rid of his hangover. He realized that eating inside the shower was an effective hangover remedy. I mean, whatever works I guess.

Gas said in the article, “My ex-girlfriend would always say it was gross — so one day, I was eating a sandwich in the shower and took a photo to show my friends. They found it hilarious and said more people need to see it, so I posted it to Twitter.” Now people are making donations for Gaz’s next shower meal.

Although Gaz is grateful for the donations fueling his ongoing food habits, he uses some of the proceeds to give back and “spread attention to food banks.” “I was able to donate $100 to the Atlanta Food Bank, and I hope to donate even more.” Tomahawk steaks, cocktail shrimp, Indian food, pineapple, Gaz has eaten it all in the shower.

So where do we go from here? Gaz hopes to collaborate with brands and chefs. “I want to try more exotic foods,” he said, “ranging from absurdly expensive food like caviar and gold-plated steaks.” If you want to read the full article behind the headline Georgia man eats in shower from the New York Post, just click here.

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