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Shoutout to these Georgia firefighters that rescued a dog from a vehicle engine recently!  According to the city of Marietta’s Instagram post, a driver saw a dog in the road, and when he stopped, the dog ran under his vehicle.  The dog then climbed up into the vehicle’s engine compartment.

When the call came in, the Marietta Fire Department’s Engine 54 responded. The firefighters had to remove the air box top cover and other pieces of the vehicle to reach the pup.  They said the dog was between the engine air box and a firewall.

Thankfully, the pup wasn’t injured and was taken to Cobb County Animal Services. Firefighters then had to reassemble the driver’s vehicle and got him back on his way.  So a big shoutout to these Georgia firefighters who rescued the dog. And also to the man who took the time to stop and make sure this pup was safe!

Most Popular Dog Breed - A New Top Dog

Every year, the American Kennel Club puts out a list of the most popular dog breeds.  The AKC uses registration statistics to rank the breeds. It’s always for the previous year, so for 2022, it seems there’s a new most popular dog breed.

As someone who has owned a Labrador Retriever, I always agreed with the AKC’s rankings. The Labrador Retriever has been the reigning dog breed for 31 years! And for good reason.  They are amazing family dogs, super smart, loyal, and just all over great dogs.  So, I was surprised to see there’s a new dog breed taking the crown this year.

Most Popular Dog Breed – French Bulldog

It’s actually the first time in history that the French Bulldog has claimed the number one spot.  Over the years, French Bulldogs have been gaining popularity. Back in 2012, the breed was ranked at number 14.  So you can see just how much ground they’ve gained in 10 years’ time.  In 2021, French Bulldogs held the number 2 spot on the AKC’s list.

It’s still hard for me to believe the Labrador Retriever has been bumped out of the top spot.  But according to the AKC, French Bulldogs are a “smart, compact breed, and they can fit into various different lifestyles, perfect for people all across the country.” They are apparently great for everything from single owners to families, and have a “charming and adaptable nature.”

French Bulldogs are smaller breed, and tend to be pretty quiet, which is a great fit for those living in small homes or apartments.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all dogs.  And the French Bulldogs are incredibly cute!  But I honestly think the Labrador Retriever will always hold the number one spot in my heart.  My first fur baby was a Black Lab, so I might be a little biased.

Let’s take a little look at the top 5 most popular dog breeds!

  • 5. Poodles

    According to the AKC, Poodles are the national dog of France, but the breed actually originated in Germany. They were bred as hunting dogs, as the breed name comes from the German word “pudel” or “pudelin”, meaning “to splash in the water.”

    They are known for their stylish look, and are athletic, eager, and intelligent.

    White Poodle

    Photo: Getty Images

  • 4. German Shepherds

    German shepherds are extremely intelligent and very protective of those they love.  They are known for being fearless and confident. Another great thing about the breed is their love and loyalty.  These dogs make great service animals and police dogs.  They are working dogs, and are eager to please.

    German Shepherd

    Photo: Getty Images

  • 3. Golden Retrievers

    Golden Retrievers are a popular family pet.  They are known for their love and devotion.  These dogs are very active and need a lot of exercise. Golden Retrievers are a hard-working breed, and have been used for hunting, tracking, rescue and service work.  They can be playful and goofy, but with the right training, they can master a wide variety of skills.  This breed also loves to eat… and not just their food!  Anything they find could be a treat to them.

    Golden Retriever

    Photo: Getty Images

  • 2. Labrador Retrievers

    Labrador Retrievers share a lot of traits with Golden Retrievers.  They are affectionate and energetic.  They make great family dogs, but can also be hard-workers when it comes to hunting, service work, search and rescue, therapy work, and more.  Labs also LOVE the water, and were made for it with their thick tail and webbed feet. They also have thick coats to help even in really cold water. Labs are very energetic, and need plenty of exercise.  Training and obedience classes can help tremendously and show their “eager-to-please, intelligent demeanor.”

    Labrador Retrievers are usually one of three colors: yellow, black, or chocolate.  However, I have seen what people call “silver labs” (maybe a mix of yellow and black lab?) and “red labs” (perhaps a mix of chocolate and yellow?)

    Cody in the sun

    Photo: Cody/BMG Augusta

  • 1. French Bulldogs

    French Bulldogs are popular small-breed dogs.  They resemble a Bulldog, but in smaller form, and with larger, erect “bat ears.” The Frenchie, as they are often called, is known to be playful, alert, and adaptable. They aren’t known to bark a lot, but they are very alert, making them good watchdogs. Frenchies are bright and affectionate, and can easily adapt to life with a single person, a couple, or even a family.

    French Bulldog

    Photo: Getty Images