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The four day workweek is being tried in various countries and the results are mostly positive.

Over two dozen companies have tested it and they have NO plans on going back.  A study collected data from a range of businesses and organizations in different sectors.  Those participating lived in this country, Ireland, the U.K., New Zealand, and Canada.

The companies asked said they were “extremely pleased with their performance, productivity and overall experience.”.  Over the course of the trial, revenue for the participating companies had risen, sick days and absenteeism fell.  When employees were asked about it, 91% of them loved it.  Also, employees said their work performance increased and almost all of them, 97% wanted to continue.

Research says there is “a growing body of evidence that finds that work time reduction has a positive health impact on individuals, and is economically viable for employers.

Would you do it?  If you chose a four day workweek, would you work Monday thru Thursday or Tuesday thru Friday?

I think it will be a long time before something like this becomes the norm in this country.  We, at times seem to be going in the other direction with people working more than five days a week.

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