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AUGUSTA, GEORGIA - MARCH 30: To Go orders are accepted at a Waffle House on Washington Road as the coronavirus pandemic causes closure of eat-in restaurants on March 30, 2020 in Augusta, Georgia. The Masters Tournament located nearby at Augusta National has been postponed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

This is a wonderful holiday idea.  It happened at a Waffle House in Alabama but it could happen anywhere, and you can do it.

Here’s the story.

Tanya Ragsdale, from Culman, Alabama got some friends together in order to spread some holiday cheer. They started doing this last year.  Tanya and 10 of her friends went to the Waffle House in Culman and sat down.  Each person in the group brought with them, $100. Some of them ordered breakfast, and some just a cup of coffee.  The bill came and it was $75.  They paid the bill and then tipped the waitress over $1,100.00!

They don’t announce what they’re doing.  They sit wherever the hostess tells them to sit, it’s all random.  They don’t know the waitress.

This time the waitress happened to be Julia Ellison.  She said the money will help her provide for her kids over the holidays.  Ragsdale can relate.  She was a waitress before going to college.

Last year, they tipped a local Cracker Barrel waitress over $500 on their $25 bill.

This is something ANY of us can do.  Maybe you don’t have friends that can each pony up $100, but however much they can spend, if you do this as a group, think about the joy you could spread.  Just like Tanya and her friends.

Think about trying this year.  Or maybe better yet, try it at some point next year when it’s least expected.  You know you’ll feel great if you do.

And Happy Holidays.

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