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This is Why I Love The Game; Mike Tirico

So, on my golf show each week, AI end the show, when time permits by having one of my past guests tell us why they love the game of golf.

I’ll tell you this.  When I came up with this idea, and ran it by a long time, good friend, who too was in broadcasting, he was not a big fan of the idea.  He thought that everyone would pretty much say the same thing.  I then said to him, “Jim, how wonderful would that be, to hear that all of us that love the game, love it for many of the same reasons?”.

I still don’t think I ever sold him on the idea.

So let’s start with my friend, Mike Tirico.  Mike, currently does the Sunday Night Football broadcasts with Chris Collingsworth.  Mike has called a lot of golf in his career, first with ESPN and then with ABC.  He’s still involved, anchoring SIRIUS/XM’s coverage of the Masters.  He also anchors the coverage of the Augusta National Women’s Amateur.

He’s Mike, from a past show, telling us why he loves the game…

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