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SAN FRANCISCO - APRIL 12: Cans of dog food are seen on the shelf at a grocery store April 12, 2007 in San Francisco, California. The Food and Drug Administration is warning that some retail outlets are still selling tainted dog and cat food after inspecting more than 400 stores throughout the country. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Do you have a dog?  How bout a cat? Then you know just how expensive it is to feed them. And when it comes to my cat, he eats better than we do.

Meet My Cat

This is Jonesy.  He’s our 11-year-old.  We got him from a litter from a friend in Lincolnton.  It would appear his father was a Maine Coon. He’s our pride and joy.


The Early Days

Since the day he arrived, he has been driven by food.  Now lets do the math, he 11 years old.  That’s over 4,000 days.  He gets fed twice a day.  We have fed him more than 8000 times.  Once, while out of town, upon our return we discovered that the automatic feeder had failed to give him his last meal.  Once, in over 4,000 days, he failed to get fed.  He has not forgotten.

Eating Things He Shouldn’t

When he was young, he ended up eating a small piece of a paper towel that was on the floor in the kitchen.  That proved to be dangerous as he was blocked up.  He spent the weekend in the pet emergency hospital getting fluids.  The staff didn’t hold out much hope he’d survive.  And if he did survive, his kidneys would have suffered severe damage.  Well, the little guy made it through the weekend and was discharged on Monday.  Much to our delight and to the surprise of the staff at the hospital.  But, there was kidney damage so he was put on a special diet.  His food ended up being about $60 a month.  Now if you have a big dog, that’s probably not much.  But Jonesy is a 12lb cat.

Yes, The Cat Eats Better Than We Do

We kept him on this diet for six or seven years, until one day, at his yearly trip to the vet, she said to me, “you know, I’m aware of his history, but all of his kidney levels are normal.  It’s as if nothing ever happened to him”.  My first thought was relief, my second thought, almost immediately was “can we change him to normal food?”.  She said yes, but wet food, and let’s check him again in six months.  Well, years later, he’s still on “normal” food, but, because we feel like he deserves it, it’s a bit of a high end food.  Is it better than $60 a month.  It’s more!  Plus his dry treats.

I’m often accused of spoiling him, maybe I do.  But come on, you spoil yours too.

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