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MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - JUNE 03: In this photo Illustration, bottles of Coca Cola are seen on June 03, 2022 in Mexico City, Mexico. Multinational beverage and retail company FEMSA announced the increase in prices from Monday 5 due to rising inflation and higher production costs. Mexico is one of the world top consumers of Soft drinks. (Photo illustration by Hector Vivas/Getty Images)

What you’ve been waiting for, now, from Coca-Cola, your soft drink can taste like…your dreams!

The new product is called “Dreamworld”, a new soda that has. allegedly, the flavor of dreams.

Here’s what the company said in a press release…

“Dreamword bottles up the Technicolor tastes and surrealism of the subconscious,  and adds playfully vibrant flavor notes that evoke the boundless creativity of the human imagination to the unmistakable taste of Coca-Cola”

Starting this Monday, Dreamworld will be available in grocery stores and gas stations across the country.

It’ll be available in both regular and zero-sugar options.  It’ll be available in bottles and in cans.

BTW, NONE of MY dreams come with a zero-sugar option.

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