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CARLSBAD, CA - NOVEMBER 9: A player from the San Dieguito Ravens looks on during his team's game against the Carlsbad Charging Lancers in the Pop Warner Division Finals on November 9, 2002 at Carlsbad High School, in Carlsbad, California. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

A new survey has determined that kids that play sports at school are “grittier” and harder working than those that don’t.

A team from Ohio State University analyzed national Sports and Society Survey data from almost 4,000 men and women across the country.  They were asked to rate themselves on a scale of 1-5 on eight statements.  Some of the statements were, “I am diligent”, “I never give up” and “I am a hard worker”.  None of the statements related to sports.

2021 Little League World Series Final - Team Michigan v Team Ohio

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The findings were published in the journal Leisure Sciences.

Here’s what they found.  34% of those who did sports as a child scored high on the “grit” scale, compared to 23% of their peer who opted out or gave up.  25% of those that NEVER played sports ranked low, compared to just 17% of those who did.

The survey also revealed that adults who played youth sports but dropped out did not show higher levels of “grit”.

In the end, it appears that only children who keep at it, and continue to play get the benefit.  Some may just be born with the grit to help them succeed at sports as a young person and then continue to benefit from that trait as an adult.

Pop Warner

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Adults that played sports perceive that playing sports helped improve their work ethic.  Adults who said they participated in sports regularly within the last year exhibited higher levels of “grit”

One of the researchers saying, “you can take the lessons you learn and practice in sports, such as building grit, and apply them to your life outside of sports in very useful ways.