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All Active-Duty Soldiers in the Army to Switch to Semimonthly Pay (Photo by Luke Sharrett/Getty Images)

The U.S. Army is mandating that all Soldiers on long-term active-duty orders be paid on a semimonthly basis, starting October 1 as they move to a new Integrated Pay and Personnel System.

Most of the Army’s active-duty Soldiers get paid semimonthly on the first and fifteenth of each month.

Army officials say about 11,000 Soldiers who opted to be paid just once a month, will be moved to the new semimonthly schedule going into the new fiscal year.  The change will affect about 2.3 % of Soldiers, including 1.5 % of enlisted Soldiers and 5.5 % of all officers.

Hans Kennedy, U.S. Army Financial Management Command Senior Financial System Analyst said, “IPPS-A is based on commercial software used by many civilian companies for their human resources and payroll needs, and it can only handle one pay schedule, one way of paying employees.”  He said as IPPS-A is implemented, everyone has to move onto a new standardized schedule.

The change will impact the number of times Soldiers get paid each month, but it won’t affect their monthly compensation.