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Sprite ditching green bottle Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Sprite is getting a makeover.  The Coca-Cola company announced today the lemon-lime carbonated beverage will no longer be sold in its iconic green bottles.  Starting August 1, Sprite products will come in clear plastic bottles for the first time in 60 years for environmental purposes.

Company officials say clear plastic is better for recycling.  They added, “The green plastic is recyclable, but the coloring keeps it from being used for food-grade packaging items.”  Switching to clear bottles means the old ones can be turned into new ones.

Sprite is also getting a revamped logo and packaging design.

Sprite isn’t the only Coca-Cola product that will have a new look.  Fresca, Seagram’s and Mello Yello will no longer come in green bottles as well.  Dasani water, also owned by Coca-Cola, will ditch its blue bottle and switch to clear plastic.