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According to Neil Gordon’s Augusta Business Daily, The Brunch House would like to move.

The Brunch House, on Greene Street, is the latest incarnation of a popular breakfast stop.  It used to be The Whistle Stop.

The Brunch House

ABD has learned that the owners have signed a letter of intent to lease the old Mally’s Bagels & Grits building, long before it was Mally’s, it was the  Town Tavern building.

Again, according to ABD, the Brunch House has until early September to complete it’s due diligence on the repairs it would need to make to the building.  Believe it or not, Mally’s Bagels & Grits left the building about 15 years ago.  The Town Tavern was built in 1965, and lasted pretty much through the 80’s.

The current space at The Bruch House is limited with customers at times, waiting 60-90 minutes to get a table.  The owners would like a larger space to accommodate more customers.  The ownership would also like to add Mimosas to the menu.

The space on Greene St. has been a favorite for breakfast customers off and on for the last few years.  Probably the most popular being the Whistle Stop which closed a few years ago.  I can attest the pancakes at the Whistle Stop were great.

The Brunch House 2

Having lived here nearly 40 years, I can tell you that good breakfast places have always seemed to be a challenge in Augusta.  Yes, there’s always a Waffle House nearby, but as far as selection goes, it’s gotten a little bit better.

There’s now the Metro Diner on Washington Rd.  There are a couple of “That Flippin Egg” locations in the area with more planned.

First Watch on Crane Creek out by Sprouts is ALWAYS packed.  But keep in mind those businesses are not that close to downtown, a really good breakfast spot is just what the downtown area needs to continue it’s growth.

Here’s hoping The Brunch House is able to make the move.