STONY BROOK, NY - JULY 12: Researchers work at a laboratory at the State University of New York at Stony Brook July 12, 2002 in Stony Brook, New York. Scientists there say they have constructed the polio virus from scratch. (Photo by Richard Slattery/Getty Images)

According to ABC News, health officials in New York are reporting the first polio case in almost a decade. The young adult recently contracted polio and developed paralysis. While the symptoms began a month ago, the young, unvaccinated individual had not recently traveled outside of the US.

First US Polio Case

From what they have found, the individual had a vaccine-derived strain of the virus.  This could possibly be from someone who got a live vaccine (not available in the US). While the person is no longer contagious, officials are working to find out how the infection occurred and if others were exposed.


Most Americans are vaccinated against polio.  But, due to this incident, health officials in New York are scheduling vaccination clinics for Friday and Monday.

Polio mostly affects children. The disease was once one of the most feared in the US. Polio caused thousands of paralysis cases. The disease is spread mostly from person to person, or through contaminated water.  It attacks the spinal cord, which can lead to paralysis, disability, and death.

Isolated Cases

It was believed polio was eradicated in the US back in 1979, with a few rare instances transmitted by travelers.  The last case was back in 2013. Just last month, the virus was found in London in sewage samples. This news lead British officials to encourage vaccinations.